Most blinged-out credit cards: Diamond-studded

By Blake Ellis
There’s nothing like a diamond to flaunt your elite status, and now some credit cards are encrusted with the flashy gems.
This summer, Qatar National Bank launched the World Elite MasterCard in the Middle East and Africa, which is available on an invitation-only basis and is embedded with a genuine .01-carat diamond. It’s targeted at “the VIP… Read the rest

Approaches The Net Has Modified Marketing Forever

The marketing landscape has shifted radically because the arrival of the World wide web and at incredible pace. Following all, basically ten years ago individuals would have asked what is Google? Right here are seven essential Techniques that the Net has Altered marketing forever: one particular) Price There was a time when even the most fundamental marketing campaigns Expense cash… Read the rest

Theatre Marketing Step A single

Now you may possibly have established oneself accountable for marketing in your theatre. If you discover oneself exceptionally fortuitous it may well be a complete-time function exactly where you get paid sufficient to make ends meet, even though the function is most likely A single of many occupations that fill your day. In any case it is your activity to… Read the rest

Carbon Investment Is A Pr Winner

Google, UPS and Common Motors are amongst the large names to have produced a substantial carbon investment more than the previous couple of years, investing either in carbon offsetting tasks such as Googles renewable power investments, or purchasing carbon offsets to neutralize their carbon footprints. Googles carbon investment has maybe been the most higher profile, with each and every other… Read the rest

The Most Profitable Investment in Real Estate

Having rehabbed over 520 properties and owning over 1100 multi-family units, in my real estate career I have and continue to do it all! When I first started in the real estate business and got my marketing going, I knew that every potential seller meant a possible $20,000 profit for me. I also quickly realized that there was many different… Read the rest